David Wall Massage

About David

David has been practicing for over 14 years as a massage therapist and has a natural intuitive gift for helping people with chronic – painful conditions. He has been profoundly influenced by some of the worlds leading manual therapist and has trained with the foremost Myofascial Release (MFR) expert in the United States – John F Barnes (JFB).

David uses a wholistic treatment approaches, comprising of Remedial manual therapy, Myofascial Release, Craniosacral therapy and the latest Neuro-Muscular techniques, to deliver a highly personalized treatment. He firmly believes in a three tiered approach to the body, acknowledging the Structural, Mind-body and Somatic-Emotional elements.

David is available for treatments on: Tuesday, Saturday & Sunday.



Functional Fascial taping 2014
Fascial manipulation (self study) 2011-13
Matrix Energetics I, II, III (USA) 2010
JFB - MFR I, II, Unwind (USA) 2009
Deep Core Body Therapy and Myofascial Release training (Sydney) 2007
Diploma of Sports massage 2007
Diploma of Remedial massage 2006
Certificate IV of Massage 2004

David Wall