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Myofascial Release – A brief history

Myofascial Release was created by an American physiotherapist John F Barnes, in the 1960’s. John was a very gifted track & field athlete who suffered a career ending spinal injury during a gym training session whilst at University.

Like many individuals, he went from one health care professional to another for years seeking a cure to his chronic lower back pain, without any success. During a moment of intense pain, lying crippled on his back on his practice floor, he some how managed to connect to the dream-body state. This was a life changing experience for John. At this moment, he was able to connect to the body’s innate wisdom and began the process of applying slow deep stretches to different parts of his body to dramatically decrease the pain and eventually after many treatments, stop the pain completely. After his own recovery, John’s intuition “little-voice” suggested that he take the technique and use it successfully on his physiotherapy clients, and so Myofascial Release was born.

John F Barnes, Pt, has spent the last 48 years teaching and refining the Myofascial Release technique to over 50,000 therapists in the United States and Europe. In 2000, John was named one of the most influential persons in the therapeutic professions in the last 100 years by the US national “Massage Magazine”. In the same year, John was the featured guest speaker at the American Back Society National Convention, whose forum was about the most important advances in healthcare in the last century!