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What to expect during a MFR treatment.

Myofascial Release (MFR) is a unique series of slow deep stretches, tractions and “unwinding” movements, targeting Fascial restriction and pain points in the human body. One way to imagine the Fascia, is to imagine that under your skin that you are wearing a Lycra body suit. This Fascial body suit extends down to cover all the muscles, bones and all the internal organs, even down to the inter-cellular level. Through the Fascial network, every point in the human body is interconnected to the whole structure.

Because the technique is slow, the pressure used does not register as being overly painful to the individual. This slow deep stretch, releases the Fascia and restores range of motion to the effected body part. A great technique for individuals currently experiencing high levels of pain.

The beauty of Myofascial Release is that the body will direct the therapist to the exact place requiring treatment. Many times during a treatment, a client with Head, Neck and Shoulder pain will suddenly comment that out of blue, that their experiencing pain in the pelvic area for no apparent reason. The subconscious mind-body through the client’s voice will direct the therapist to deal with the real cause of the client’s pain – a pelvic imbalance. This is referred to as the “Fascial voice”.

The second method that the mind-body can communicate directly with the therapist is through “redness” appearing on the body in areas which have not been worked by the therapist. This is referred to as the Vaso-motor response and is the body way of drawing attention to a problematic point.

Individuals can frequently experience memories/flash backs to accidents or traumatic events in their lives, which with the therapist help will be slowly and carefully resolved. Stressed and emotional clients often report feeling grounded and connected with life again. Chronic injury victims are amazed at the improved range of motion and decreased pain levels after only a couple of treatments.

Myofascial Release is not for everyone. Individuals, who enjoy very deep tissue massage, will not generally be satisfied with MFR.