David Wall Massage
“Do your muscles ache from knots or trigger points? Are you annoyed by weird pains that radiate to different parts of your body? Have you put up with chronic muscular pain for far too long? I frequently combine trigger point therapy techniques with other modalities to quickly decrease pain levels, restore active range of movement and to educate clients on how to help themselves if the pain returns.”

Trigger point therapy is a manual technique whose purpose is to stop the chronic pain and muscular tension associate with Trigger points (TrPs). For individuals who have suffered ongoing chronic pain and the causes of the problem is still unknown, or have experienced the frustration of having multiple therapist/specialist failing to address the problem, TrP therapy is often the solution. This therapy is not a massage session but rather a very specific treatment involving physical assessment, sometimes direct sustained pressure on the pain point, Positional release technique, dynamic movement of the effected muscles or limbs whilst holding the TrP and Myofascial unwind of muscular restrictions. The niceties of massage are dispensed here and the therapist focuses directly on releasing multiple chronic pain points to elievate pain.

Feel free to call or email to discuss which technique would best suit your needs.